TangentBlue's semicustom design services are cost effective and keep your project on schedule. We consult with you to evaluate your requirements and the feasibility of using intelligent I/O in your application.

Our design services effectively expand your engineering staff, allowing you to complete projects more quickly, and our semicustom design approach reduces development costs compared to other options such as in-house development and contract NRE. TangentBlue uses our expertise in hardware and software design to supply key elements of your system solution, allowing you to concentrate on core competencies directly related to your business or organization. Contact us for more information.

Product Customization

Whether your intelligent I/O requirements include communication protocols, specialized signal processing or control algorithms, we help you understand if one of our standard products can be adapted to meet your needs and can customize our I/O driver to meet your requirements.


TangentBlue can also provide a semicustom hardware design. We offer a range of standard I/O design components, which we can mix and match to your specifications:



Manufacturing and Sustaining Engineering

Tangent Blue manufactures and tests our semicustom designs, including low-volume production runs. We can provide optional sustaining engineering services to maintain your design over its useful life, further reducing your lifecycle costs.

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